Sh Ch Kirkavagh Jumilla JW

13/06/2003– 22/04/2014
Sh Ch Kirkavagh Fidalgo JW x Sh Ch Kirkavagh Lalibela JW

We are so very upset to have lost Sh Ch Kirkavagh Jumilla (Millicent) on the 22nd April at just short of 11 years old...An incredibly sweet and special girl... we will never forget her....gone far too soon.


Kirkavagh Jaljuli

13/06/2003– 20/03/2013
Sh Ch Kirkavagh Fidalgo JW x Sh Ch Kirkavagh Lalibela JW

Sadly, we lost our beautiful Layla in March. Truly a dog in a million, she never put a paw wrong in her whole life. She was never shown but was the most perfect pet and member of our family and we miss her terribly.

A huge thank you to Linda for allowing Layla to join our family, we were so lucky to have her for those, all too short, 9 years.

- Pam & Helen Glading


Kirkavagh Fifinella

19.2.2000 – 12.2.2013
Sh Ch Caspians Intrepid x Kirkavagh Gazala

On Tuesday 12th February we lost our darling Brigitte at one week short of her 13th birthday, a delightful and happy girl, she was a larger than life figure here from the moment she was born until her very last moments on earth. We will all miss her dreadfully.

Our sympathies also go to Annabel Foreman who has recently lost her much beloved Reggie (K Jalingo), aged nine and a half and Brigitte’s nephew, (Sh Ch K Fidalgo x Sh Ch K Lalibela), in very very sad circumstances.


Sh Ch Kirkavagh Fidalgo

19/02/2000 - 04/09/2012
Sh Caspians Intrepid x Kirkavagh Gazala

(13 CC’s, 14 RCC’s) Winner of the Gundog Group at SKC [August] 2005

We are very sorry to record the passing of Linda Richardson’s much loved Kohdi at the age of twelve and a half. A reluctant stud dog, he was the sire of our own Sh Ch K Jumilla and her sister Jakomima (dam of Sh Ch K Ivanjica).
Linda adored him and so did we, the most successful male bred in this kennel to date, his show record speaks for itself, he is very much missed by all of us.


Kirkavagh Corteira
14.12.2000 - 15.08.2012

Yet another sad occasion for us, the loss of our darling ‘Treasure’, an affectionate, shy and sweet little soul , never happy as a show girl , she lived here all of her life ,without ever causing us one ounce of trouble, she was very much loved by us all and is VERY much missed .


Show Champion Kirkavagh Khaydara JW
16.10.1997 – 19.03.2012

The day we hoped would never come arrived today, we had to say Goodbye to our dearest Kliyo, who had simply run out of steam at the grand age of fourteen and five months , the very first member of our very successful ‘K’ litter to gain her title and the very last surviving one. We will miss her terribly, a real character all of her life and VERY much loved .



We are very sad to announce the passing of our lovely ‘Lilly’ – Show Champion Kirkavagh Lalibela JW at just two months short of her 13th birthday, an angel all of her life, she is very much missed, but will never be forgotten, fortunately we have her daughters and grand daughters here to help us through a very sad time.


11/02/99 - 12/12/11


We are very sad to announce the passing of SA Ch and Sh Ch Kirkavagh Kandy of Muharraq JW, at 13 and a half years of age. Our sincere condolences to owner Andrew Begg and his partner Susan Morriss.

Kandy was a sweet girl, she remained here at Kirkavagh along with Sh Ch's Khaydara and Kooyonga until she was 19 weeks old, when Andrew and his late wife Angela saw her and asked to purchase her.

She gave Andrew great pleasure in the show ring and kept him company during the dark days after Angela's death, gaining her title just before Andrew moved to South Africa.
Through all the changes in his life afterwards, Kandy was a constant friend.

A very special girl who will be very much missed . We were very proud of her.

16/10/97 - 23/04/11
We are also sorry to announce the passing of another special girl - Kirkavagh Karamita at Follidown.

'Willow' was also thirteen and a half and a much loved member of the Follidown team.
She was the mother of Sh Ch Follidown Red Hot Poker JW.

Our sincere condolences to Gillian and Mike Townsend, she will be sadly missed.
16/10/97 - 19/04/11

The death of these two leaves Sh Ch Khaydara JW as the sole survivor of our most successful litter -
we hope that she stays with us for a long time yet !


We are very, very sad to announce that Sh Ch Kirkavagh Kalaglow died on 21st October.

A big winner as a youngster and an extremely successful adult, his show record speaks for itself.

To his owner Sylvia Stocker, we extend our sincere condolences. He was her very much loved companion for all of his life, a delightful boy, with a delightful temperament.

Not extensively used at stud, he was the sire of a Show Champion, three RCC winning children and a number of other successful offspring.

He was our first Male Champion and the first Champion, at that stage, not owned by ourselves, we were extremely proud of him.

We will all miss him greatly.


16/10/97 - 21/10/10






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